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Main Courses

House Specialities

House Specialities
All house specialities are available in: Chicken Tikka Breast £8.95, Tender Lamb £8.95, Prawn £7.95, Pacific King Prawn £10.95, European or Indian Vegetable or Paneer £7.25
a rich and tasty tarka of onions, mushrooms,capsicums and tomatoes
a light, smooth creamy sauce with a delicate twist of sweet 'n' sour for those with a delicate palate
succulent spinach, shallow fried onions and mushrooms simmered in a rich ginger and garlic tarka
a mild dish with spinach, a touch of garlic butter, fresh cream, ginger, garlic, herbs and spices
south indian garlic chilli
hot and spicy with a saucy twist of sweet ‘n’ sour
a potent fusion of ginger, garlic, onions,peppers, coconut cream and fresh herbs sautéed in a spicy chilli sauce
a potent fusion of peppers, onions, ger, garlic, green chillies and a touch of coconut simmered in exotic jaipuri spices
a potent fusion of peppers, onions, ginger,garlic, green chillies and a touch of coconutsimmered in exotic jaipuri spices
tantalising tandoori spices, kabli chana(tangy chickpeas), a flourish of fresh creamy yoghurt, and a soupçon of achari mixed pickle for that extra bite
makhni masala
a touch of ginger, garlic and almond powder shallow fried and simmered in yoghurt and fresh cream with a sprinkling of spring onions
karahi bhoona
a host of spices sautéed karahi style in a rich tarka base with an abundance of capsicums, and onions
rogan josh
a flavoursome fusion of tomatoes, paprika and a host of spices create this immensely popular dish
mirchi korma
kormaspicy korma with fresh cream, green chillies, mustard sauce, ginger, garlic, herbs and spice, garnished with fresh coriander
a mouth-watering marinade of exotic Punjabi spices, garlic, ginger, cumin,capsicums and onions, simmered in a homemade yoghurt sauce

Connoisseurs Choice

lamb akhbri
Tender lamb cooked in medium to spicy sauce with onions,ginger, garlic, green chillies and shredded indian cheese.
Butter Chicken
Mild to medium dish, cooked in garlic butter sauce, fresh cream, ginger and garlic. (available in lamb of chicken)
sliced tandoori chicken and lamb tikka simmered in a flavoursometarka with savoury vegetable rice and green chillies, garnished with fried onions and served with tarka daal.
Spicy dish cooked with spinach puree, fresh spinach leaves, garlic chilli sauce and fresh peppers. (available in lamb or chicken)
punjabi tarka
A truly authentic hot and spicy home-style sauce with a flavoursome blend of Punjabi herbs and spices (Available in chicken or lamb—King prawn £2.95 extra)

Back to Basics

Back to the Basics
All the Back to Basic dishes are available in: Chicken Breast £7.25, Chicken Tikka £7.95, Lamb £7.25, Prawn £7.95, Pacific King Prawn £10.95, Indian or European Vegetable £6.95
muglai korma
a sumptuously creamy sauce
a rich and flavoursome condensed sauce with plenty ginger, garlic andtomatoes
an aromatic dish with oodles of onions
ceylonese korma
with lashings of creamed coconut
delicately spiced and fruity with plenty yoghurt and cream
lashings of lentils and eastern spices
a tangy sweet ‘n’ sour sauce
savoury rice cooked with your choice ofmeat or fish, served with a separate currysauce (£1.25 extra)
traditional curry
the original classic


Fresh from the tandoor…
succulent…sizzling and definitely a hot favourite amongst the ‘all! These dishes are marinated in exotic spices, skewered and barbecued to perfection in the tandoor. Served with pilau rice, salad garnish and curry sauce. A sauce from the House Speciality section e.g. masala chasni etc may be ordered instead for an additional £1.50
chicken tandoori
tender chicken pieces on the bone
paneer tikka
subtly spiced skewered Indian cheese,capsicums and onions, served with a piquant patia sauce
Succulent chicken pieces barbecued with onions, capsicums and tomatoes
chicken tikka
tender supreme of chicken
lamb tikka
luscious lamb marinated in exotic spices
tandoori mixed platter
a medley of tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, lamb tikka, seekh kebab and nan bread
tandoori jhinga
plump pacific king prawns given the tasty tandoori treatment


The following dishes are available as a main meal for £5.95 or as a side dish for £3.95
mixed vegetable curry
a fusion of Indian or European vegetables simmered in our traditional curry sauce
paneer shahi
creamy homemade Indian cottage cheese
mushroom bhaji
mouthwatering mushrooms sautéed in a flavoursome curry sauce
chana, aloo & mushroom bhaji
paneer muttar
a traditional dish of Indian cheese and garden peas
chana saag bhaji
tangy chickpeas and succulent spinach, simmered in a condensed sauce
bombay potatoes
Indian style spicy potatoes
tarka daal
wholesome lentils, fried onions and tomatoes, simmered in a traditional curry sauce
chana, aloo & mushroom bhaji
tangy chickpeas, potatoes and mushrooms

European Dishes

European Dishes
all served with crisp salad garnish and tasty french fries
haddock & chips
chicken ‘n’ chips
chicken kiev
sirloin steak
fillet steak
scampi frite
haddock & chips
chicken 'n' chips